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Herbert Kolloge KG


Technology in seals and gaskets -- Technical wholesale trade -- Engineering
Production of special seals and gaskets -- Partner of the leading manufactures
Offenbacher Landstraße 208  *  60599 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: ++ 49 69 610933-0 -- Telefax: ++ 49 69 629557  eMail: info@kolloge.de

Dear Madams / Sirs,
For nearly 100 years we concern us with SEALS and GASKETS. Our services include not only the technical consulting, but also the development of specialised seals systems, the fabrication on customers specifications, laying our wide range of Instruments and forms at customers disposal, possessing an emergency service and the prompt supplying from our depository.
Our range include the following types of all weIl known manufacturers:

  • Hydraulic-, pneumatic seals (as compact sealing, 0-rings, wipers, U-ring set)

  • Rotation- seals (as V-ring, rotary shaft seals)

  • PTFE high pressure, high temperature sonden

  • Gaskets and washers for pressure and waste water pipes

  • Stuffing-box packing Pump-and Valve-packing (from PTFE, Aramid, Graphite, Carbon, Glass, Ceramic)

  • Roof-shaped seal set

  • Shaft seal RADIAMATIC

  • Rod seals : U-rings, compact seals, roof-shaped seal sets Automatic V-packing

  • Wiper rings: Dirt wipers, Double wipers

  • Piston seals: Compact seals

  • Static seals : 0-rings, PTFE support rings

  • Rotary seals: FORSHEDA V-Ring

  • Fluid Isolation material and Glue; EPPLE based-wholesaler

  • Products for maintenance, lubrication and anti-corrosion; CRC-KONTAKTCHEMIE based-wholesaler

  • Automatic lubrication material; PERMA based-wholesaler

    We should be pleased to offer you our support in the a. m. fields and hope to get your inquiries and orders soon.

With best regards
Herbert Kolloge KG

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